Making art with salads

When visiting this Blog you will rethink their way of doing salads. The proposal is abusing creativity, presenting a new format each week, using ingredients easy to find, obtain maximum utilization of vegetable and demonstrate beauty. And with that, encourage you to create dishes to delight the eyes and the conquer the palate of friends. You will love it!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Clown Salad

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Ingredients -

* First layer *
. Cajá ripe tomatoes, sliced
. Chilli chopped
. Green pepper, chopped
. chopped cilantro
. chopped onion
. Shredded carrot (1 cm thick)

* Art *
. Half tomato (nose)
. Egg broken in half (eyes)
. Yellow pepper (iris of the eye)
. Black olive, a slice - (pupil)
. Tomato strips (lips)
. Cucumber (teeth)
. Chopped onion (contour of the mouth)
. Beet (contour of the mouth)
. Lettuce (hair and eyebrows)

* Seasoning *
. Red wine vinegar;
. Extra virgin olive oil.

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